<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>hayhurst.net Darjeeling</TITLE> <META name="description" content="John, Susan and JJ Hayhurst, holiday in Darjeeling."> <META name="keywords" content="Darjeeling, Darjeeling Hill Railway, Bacup, Rossendale, Calcutta, Helmshore, Lancashire, Africa, Kenya, Oman, Muscat, Larter, Hayhurst, Kuwait, Haslingden, India, Nepal, Gambia, Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates, Emirates, Komatsu, JCB."> </HEAD> <BODY BACKGROUND="background.jpg"> <P> <B><FONT FACE="LUCIDA HANDWRITING" SIZE="5">WWW.HAYHURST.NET</B> <P> <FONT FACE="ARIAL" SIZE="3"><B>Darjeeling.</B> <P> <P ALIGN="center"><FONT FACE="LUCIDA HANDWRITING" SIZE="5">Darjeeling April 2018</font></P> <P> <P ALIGN="center"><IMG SRC="darjeeling.jpg" WIDTH+980 HEIGHT=600> <P> <BR> <BR> <FONT FACE="ARIAL" SIZE="4">In Darjeeling we stayed at the Mayfair Hotel. <P> <P ALIGN="center"><IMG SRC="mayfairview.jpg" WIDTH+700 HEIGHT=550> <P> Many of the buildings in Darjeeling are painted up in bright colours. The Mayfair does it a bit extreem but it works! The place is colourful, quirky, eclectic, kitsch but done very well. It all seems to enhance the brightness and spotless cleanliness of the hotel. <BR> <P> <P ALIGN="center"><IMG SRC="mayfairbalcony.jpg" WIDTH+700 HEIGHT=550> <P> <BR> <FONT FACE="ARIAL" SIZE="5">Sue waiting at Darjeeling Station. <P> <P ALIGN="center"><IMG SRC="waitingatdarjeeling.jpg" WIDTH+794 HEIGHT=596> <P> <FONT FACE="ARIAL" SIZE="5">DHR at Darjeeling Station, see the engine shed other side of the road, I had to let heavy traffic clear to get the repair shed on the picture <P> <P ALIGN="center"><IMG SRC="dhrarriving.jpg" WIDTH+777 HEIGHT=583> <P> <FONT FACE="ARIAL" SIZE="5">Another picture of DHR engine shed at Darjeeling Station. <P> <P ALIGN="center"><IMG SRC="dhrengineshed.jpg" WIDTH+787 HEIGHT=470> <P> <BR> <FONT FACE="ARIAL" SIZE="4">Three pictures of The Mall in Darjeeling, as in Shimla it's a pedestrian area no vehicles allowed. The square is called Chowrasta. <TABLE BORDER=0 WIDTH=100%> <TR> <TD ALIGN="right"><IMG SRC="darjeelingmall.jpg" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=300></TD> </TD> <TD ALIGN="center"><IMG SRC="chowrastaonthemall.jpg" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=300></TD> </TD> <TD ALIGN="left"><IMG SRC="chowrasta.jpg" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=300></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <BR> <FONT FACE="ARIAL" SIZE="5"> Still building this page <P> <P> <P ALIGN="right"><FONT FACE="ARIAL" SIZE="3"><B>Click here to go to<A HREF="home.html"> Home Page</A></B> <P ALIGN="right"><FONT FACE="ARIAL" SIZE="3"><B> <BR> <BR> <BR> </BODY> </HTML>